Add to any Pasta:

$8           Salmon (4oz. filet) or Chicken Breast

$5           Vegetable Mix

$8 (3)     Jumbo Prawns or Scallops

$6 (3)      Spicy Italian Pork Meatballs

Frutti di Mare   $22 sm / $27.99 Entree

Jumbo prawns, baby white clams, salmon and scallops sauteed with cherry tomatoes, artichokes, spinach and kalamata olives in a white wine lemon basil butter sauce served over linguini and topped with grated feta cheese.

Cannelloni   $18 sm / $25.99 Entree

Oven roasted chicken, asparagus and sweet red peppers, ricotta and parmesan cheeses wrapped with fresh pasta, topped with bocconcini and baked with a roasted garlic tomato alfredo cream sauce.

Gnochhi di Ricotta  $18 sm / $24.99

Handmade ricotta cheese dumplings served with choice of a tomato basil, rose or herb butter / olive oil sauce..

Murray's Firecracker Prawns                        $20 sm / $26.99 Entree

Jumbo prawns, sundried tomatoes, red sweet peppers sauteed with chilies and garlic in a lemon white wine butter sauce served over spaghetini pasta.

Bolognese $15 sm/ $17.99 Entrée              

A rich tomato bolognese beef meat sauce served over linguine.  Add Poalini's spicy Italian pork meatballs  ( $6 for 3 and $9 for 5 )

Designer Pasta   $13 sm / $14.99 Entree

Choose penne, linguine or spaghetini pasta and match that with a sauce choice of tomato basil, alfredo cream, rose cream or herb butter / olive oil  sauces.