Chicken Involtini $29

Chicken scaloppini wrapped around jumbo prawns finished with a brandy garlic cream sauce.

Salmon Involtini $28

Salmon filet stuffed with prosciutto wrapped smoked jumbo prawn topped with garlic maple butter glaze.

Pork Involtini   $26

Pork tenderloin scallopini wrapped around pear slices and brie cheese finished with leek honey sherry butter sauce and a touch of chilies.

Vegetali Involtini   $27

Zuchinni ribbons wrapped around portabella mushrooms, red pepper spears, bocconcini cheese, lightly breaded and finished with tomato basil sauce and served with saffron tomato risotto.

Beef Involtini   $30

Beef scaloppini stuffed with roasted portabella mushrooms and blue cheese finished with a peppercorn brandy demi glaze.

Veal Involtini   $30

Veal scallopini stuffed with roasted asparagus and bocconcini wrapped with proscuitto finished with a marsala demi cream sauce.